Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 sleeps to go

So I seem to have started a trend of injuring myself in some way prior to moving...especially with knives! Here I was trying to do some cleaning (I'd already scrubbed the green copper residue off the tub) and then while washing my dishes, my ulu (traditional Iniut knife) slipped and cut my finger. Just what I needed! Anyway, fortunately I've had a tetanus shot within the past four years, so I should be in good shape. Just have a sore right index finger that I'm afraid to bend in case the cut reopens. Perfect way to start my moving week, wouldn't you say? (NOT!)

Anyway, I just came back from a lovely dinner at a friends place - friends will be shocked to know I had two servings of salad! We also enjoyed amazing homemade cheese burgers, potatoe salad and then homemade raspberry tarts for dessert. Delicious!

Tomorrow I'll be doing a few deliveries around town of stuff I'm donating and/or leaving behind to be sold. Movers arrive either Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I'm into the home-stretch -- maybe that's not quite the right term -- with cleaners and gatherings with friends before flying out on Saturday.

A few tears were shed at the end of the service this morning, but all in all I think we had a nice time, despite the choir outnumbering the congregation for half of the service! I managed to get some photographs of the church this afternoon when Bev and I went to do a bit of tidying around the organ -- now I will have a photo of my "picture window" that I looked out on each Sunday morning, watching the seasons change. Time to do a bit more sorting before bed. Goodnight!

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